Tiny Houses Are Gaining Popularity

Living smaller is a trend that is growing across the country. While some want the Tiny House lifestyle, there are so many other uses for tiny houses that their popularity is becoming widespread.

Because of their small size and the fact that they don't require nearly as much time, money, or resources to build or maintain, a tiny house can fit quite nicely in a backyard or on a vacation property, and can be put to great use as a space for work, relaxation, or family obligations.

Family Kabins is a leader in building Tiny Houses. Remember that "more doesn't mean better" when it comes to how large a home you may desire. Use your tiny house as an office, weekend home, studio or workshop, guest house, or a granny flat for parents or boomerang kids.

Our Tiny Houses are not only built to stand the use of time, but are a very attractive and substantive addition to your property.

Click on a Picture Below to see Floor Plans and Options.  

Prairie Series
12' x 18'


Glacier Series
14' x 23'


California Series
10' x 12'

Sun River Series
16 x 28'

Yellowstone Series
14' x 27'

Missouri Series
14' x 30'


Highwood Series
18' x 28'


Pool/Barbeque or Fishing Hut
8' x 15'


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